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Looking for a dentist in Jonesboro? Small as Joneboro is, there are still over 100 dentists to choose from! We've highlighted some of the finest practitioners for you to choose from! Browse through our listing of various names and dentist clinics in our directory. Whenever possible, a dentist's specialty is mentioned to help you find exactly what you are looking for...
These days, the preferred treatment, or rather, the most popular dental treatment, is cosmetic dentistry.

From tooth whitening, crowns, dental implants or dentures to braces, tooth veneers and bleaching, we're certain you'll find a cosmetic dentist in Jonesboro who can create the perfect smile you've always wanted!

Most important, is that proper dental care today, makes for a wise, long-term investment in your future dental health.

Avoiding serious dental problems in the future requires a good dental hygiene plan. And that means more than just a morning brush and floss. This is a good beginning routine, but most dentists recommend you make regular visits to prevent nasty plaque from building up and cavities from forming.

You want to avoid any of the serious problems and costs that neglected teeth can cause. This could include gum disease (gingivitis), tooth abscess, infections, loose teeth etc.

Whether you are a new resident or are looking to change your provider we recommend that you verify references on any dentist before you commit to treatment. For added reassurance, speak to friends or neighbors or ask around for nearby referrals.

To find a Jonesboro dentist with good references or endorsements you can also search online. In fact each city has a dental association you can call.You can also check the ADA (American Dental Association) for member dentists in Jonesboro.

You'll find that most dentists can perform typical cosmetic procedures such as teeth bleaching, teeth whitening, also referred to as zoom tooth whitening. But should you require dental care for more serious oral problems, your primary dentist can refer you to a specialist. For example, some dentists may specialize in orthotic dentistry, while there are other dentists who specialize in root canals or dental implants.

To help pay the high cost of dental work, many individuals and families in Jonesboro purchase dental insurance plans. If you are interested in private dental insurance, check GE Wellness Plan - Discount Dental Care for competitive insurance rates.

We hope the information here is of help in finding a qualified Dental professional as we have done most of the leg work and listed the dentists most recognized & proficient in their line of dentistry.


Dentist in Joneboro AR
Clifton C. Higgins, D.D.S., we specialize in cosmetic and restorative dentistry for any both children and adults.


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